How I became a criminal.

Quite a few years ago, I received a speeding ticket. It happened within my probationary period, but at the time, I didn’t know that it would suspend my license. The officer ran my license, knew when I got it and he didn’t tell me. A lot of people knew and weren’t aware. I had the poor experience of finding out a year later. I had drifted over the fog line(white line) while taking a turn. There was a cop behind me and he pulled me over. It wasn’t a stop worthy of a ticket, just a “routine” thing. After running my information, he notified me that my license was suspended. He gave me a court date, as well as a ticket for not having proof of insurance – I haven’t used ID cards, ever. I have always used my insurance providers app on my phone, at the time, my phone was dead. The officer explained that, If I brought proof of insurance to the station. That he’d take care of that ticket. The next day, I went to the station with proof of insurance. I was told by a different officer, that the guy that pulled me over was on “vacation”. I told him the situation and he took my insurance informaton, said he would give it to him and that he would be at my court date. He wasn’t..

Fast forward six months. My fuel pump rotted out, and my vehicle broke down in a high traffic area. A few cops helped push my SUV off the road. They also notified me that my license was suspended for ‘failure to provide insurance’. Great! I had to go through the process again.

About another six or seven months pass and I got pulled over for an expired registration. That one is on me. I procrastinated and it bit me, but the kicker is – I GOT ARRESTED, for… a suspended license! This time for ‘accumulation of points’. Which the arresting officer couldn’t explain what it was. He just repeatedly asked, if I have a DUI.

So, I go to court. Now my third trip. The judge tells me that a fourth violation is a felony. I spoke with the court appointed lawyer and we worked a deal out with the district attorney. I would pay a hefty fine and would stay violation free for a year. What was more annoying was that my insurance company dropped me. I needed to find a new provider and also needed to file an SR-22. If you don’t know what that is – it’s for people that drink and drive, or get into a lot of accidents. It also makes your insurance as expensive as your car payment.

Anyway, I got that all cleared up. I made two payments towards my court fine and then received a letter in the mail, stating that my court fine would be taken out of my tax return. Which I was perfectly fine with. However, I was unaware that they would just take out a large majority and leave a small remainder. I got an arrest warrant in the mail eight months later, for a ‘failure to pay fine’. I immediately went to the court house and paid the fine.

Another six months go by. I get pulled over, because I have a headlight out and again. I have a suspended license. This one for not paying the court fine I just spoke about.

I have paid thousands in fees, over the past few years. I have received ONE notification that my license was ever suspended and it was after my vehicle had broken down and I had already known. I’m not saying I’m not at fault, because I did receive a speeding ticket and did drive with a registration that had been three weeks expired, but the fact that my upcoming court date will unveil that I’m a felon and will probably lose my license and do jail time is absolutely absurd to me. My employment at my current job, will most likely end and finding a job as a “felon” will be near impossible. I thought about getting a lawyer, but I’m done. It’s not a winnable fight. It seems whenever, I finally put the issue in the past. It comes back up.

As far as going to prison, if that’s the decision. I will be drowning myself in the toilet. After spending one night, It’s the most uncomfortable place to be. It’s cold, grimey and you’re surrounded by scum. No thanks.